Troilophilia – 3

Confesión – Troilo + Ruiz

This is a blast of a track. So beautiful, so decadent, so sad. There are many versions that are worth the three minutes of our life. Canaro 1931 is probably one of Canaro’s best tracks (but sadly never played). Canaro did re-interpret it in 1948 but it is a disservice to this tango. Troilo’s version stands out like a beacon of light showing how beautiful tango can be.

The music starts almost like a fight with all instruments coming in together, then it lingers into this lush velvety instrumental bits that only Troilo could achieve. Everything sounds perfect, and back in the days when I was trying to identify orchestras, that was Troilo’s hallmark, everything sounded like it should. No shoddy violins, no egocentric bandoneon solos, just music as it should be.

Ruiz here does one of his best jobs. The lyrics tell us of a man that did not think he was worthy of his lover. And to end the relationship he mistreated her so that she would leave him. The lyrics find this guy one year on, when he sees her in the street, full of grace, with all men looking at her, and he gets very upset on how he treated her and maybe with a hint of regret by not being with her anymore.

“¡Sol de mi vida!…
fui un fracasao
y en mi caída
busqué dejarte a un lao,
porque te quise
que al rodar,
para salvarte
solo supe
hacerme odiar.”

“Sunshine of my life!
I was a failure
and while falling
I pushed you aside,
because I loved you
so much… so much!
that, while spinning
to save you,
I could only
make you hate me.

This is a tango by an adult Troilo orchestra, which knows exactly where they are and where they want to go. The instruments are like a living creature giving a nice place for Ruiz to shine with his voice. This is Troilo at its best!


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