Troilophilia – 2

En carne propia – 1944

I just absolutely love this song. It starts dramatic, and it tells you what’s coming next. The violins are the constant pains of unreturned passions, with pain that comes in waves. Marino sings about someone who hurt him, and tells that someone that life will pay her back. A song of love revenge.

“Me has herido
y la sangre de esa herida
goteará sobre tu vida, sin cesar.”

“You have hurt me,
and the blood from that wound
will incessantly drop over your life”

Wow, this is only the first verse. Serious stuff! And it continues:

“Porque algún día,
con la misma ruin moneda,
con que pagan los que pagan mal,
te pagarán.”

“Because one day,
with the same cursed coin
used by those who pay evil,
you will be paid”

How can you not want to dance this?


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