My music

Today I cried whilst listening to Milonga del Angel. It reminded me of my dad – his name Ângelo – who is not here anymore. I was seated on my chair. I closed my eyes and I danced this very slow milonga (yes, it is a milonga). I danced it expressively, doing things I don’t do usually in milongas, flying even, like a cloud.

I would not dare to play this music in a milonga. Number one, it is tango (or milonga) taken to an extreme that is not compatible with social dancing. Astor Piazzolla was born in New York and only moved to Buenos Aires when he was almost 18. He loved the bandoneon like maybe Troilo did, and he played in many traditional orchestras but when his time came he took tango elsewhere.

And elsewhere is where Piazzolla must be, when it comes to social dancing. So please, if you want to start playing tango, play Piazzolla in your own living room and dance to it with the freedom it requires. There is no space for Piazzolla in milongas. He is needed in many other places. In your living room for example.


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