The right time to talk to the DJ

I am afraid that most people will now avoid coming to talk to me whilst I DJ… But fear not, I like talking to people! But what is the right time to talk to the DJ? It may sound like an easy one, but believe me, it ain’t. And it is not less experienced people who make this mistake, it is very experienced people who make this mistake.

Let’s first establish that the tango DJ is there providing a service and, as such, should be distracted only when available. Coming to greet the tango DJ when fading out a cortina is not a good moment but it keeps happening to me, with dancers from all strata. In the airline industry, pilots should reduce at minimum non-flight related conversation. They are only allowed to speak about non-flight stuff when the airplane is stable, out of condensed important actions. In surgery, especially when performing intricate surgery, one should not interrupt the surgeon with stuff strictly related to what it is being done, although the discipline here is not as high as with pilots. But it should be the same with tango DJs. You should really think about when you come to speak to them. Certainly not during a cortina, definitely not when fading it out, probably not towards the end of a tanda. Most likely, the DJ will be busy choosing what to select for the next tanda.

I take notes during my sets and one of the things I take notes on is when I have a hiccup (fortunately these are rare). One funny observation is that most have happened when the DJ booth is in the middle of the dancefloor. I virtually had no technical mistakes when I was DJing at a stage with difficult access to the DJ. Makes you think, hey? Most hiccups have happened when people were talking to me whilst I was working on something that needed to be sorted out there and then. This is even more important when the DJ as DJing on the fly, and does not bring a pre-prepared playlist.

I am aware that after writing this post you will be thinking twice about coming to say hello. And I am sure the teasing jokes will come. But please don’t think twice about coming to say hello, I love it and it is one of the amazing things about being a DJ, a lot of people come and give you that friendly hug that I really really value. But next time you’re in a milonga, do think if your hello can wait 1 minute. I sometimes wait a couple of tandas to find the right time to say hello to the DJ, and that gives me also the opportunity to tell him/her that I am enjoying the music!


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